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From: Chris Oechsel, President and CEO

For the last 22 years, I have made it my mission to build a company that has a track record of producing the best software solution for 3PL companies, supported by the most knowledgeable team of professionals and finally, delivered in a way that reflects our core beliefs of integrity and honesty. We have been extremely successful in that mission, thanks to each of you. 

Today, we are announcing that Zethcon is beginning the next chapter and has agreed to be acquired by Made4net, a global leader in supply chain technology and solutions. Made4net is backed by Thompson Street Capital Partners, a multi-billion-dollar private equity firm with extensive experience within supply chain technology and a robust network of relationships and resources that can be leveraged by Zethcon. 

There are many reasons why this partnership makes a great deal of sense and will benefit everyone involved. But it is important to know that the main reason Zethcon and its shareholders have agreed to this partnership is that nothing will change in terms of our mission and focus. Our team and your direct contacts will all remain and our ability to continue enhancing and supporting Synapse will only improve, thanks to the additional resources now available to us as part of the Made4net family. In fact, each of the current employee shareholders of Zethcon is also being given the opportunity to continue to be shareholders in the newly formed combined company. This is an amazing testament of Made4net’s commitment to supporting our continued success.

For me personally, I can tell you that I am excited about the opportunity to continue in my same role, surrounded by my same team. As it relates to my role, I will continue to oversee Zethcon’s operations while taking on the role of President of 3PL for Made4net. I am very excited at the chance to partner with a highly experienced team of supply chain industry experts who will bring great insights and knowledge that our team – and you as customers – will greatly benefit from. There are many initiatives we have committed to delivering that will not change, but will only be enhanced through this partnership. Those initiatives – be they the Standard Release, SynapseGo or our increased focus on Customer Engagement – will continue to be our priorities with the full support and endorsement of the Made4net team. 

What we have created here at Zethcon is extremely special. Each of us understands the commitment to partnership we have with each of our customers. And what has been a very satisfying aspect of this opportunity is to see that those relationships are understood and also valued highly by everyone at Made4net and Thompson Street. We all recognize that while the product we deliver is Synapse, the most important aspect of that product is how we support it and who we support it with. Zethcon would not be Zethcon without our committed team of professionals and this partnership will allow us to continue to provide that service in even greater ways than we have up until now.

I am eager to begin our new chapter together and look forward to continuing to fulfill the commitment we have made in providing a world-class product with a world-class support experience. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us directly.

Thank you for your continued support!

For more information, view our latest press release here.